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Thread: 45+P Question

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    45+P Question

    Are the Amigo rated for a 220 gr.+P load.?Or are they too strong ????????
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    Re: 45+P Question

    It will hand them I don't suggest that all you shoot But box now and then shouldn't hurt or carry if you want +P for that I carry +P HP in my 3 and 3 1/2 to assure I have enough FPS to expand the HP . Depending on bullet weight looking at 850 to 900 FPS or around that Corbon DPX 185 +P 3.3" showed just over 900FPS average
    5" 1075fps on box .

    Chop the barrel and 45 FPS drops . I learn that years back . 230 ball would not go thru my barn wall. When Bullet cooled I could pop out with fingers . 230+P blow hole thru wall . Using a compact 3"
    45 acp needs 5" barrel or slightly less FPS a 4 1/4" Commander. 3 1/2 and 3" I drop to a lighter 185 or 200 +P HP This should get you in 850 to 900FPS penetration and expansion . I don't have clock this FPS , best guess from experience of shooting compact 45 's for several years.
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