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Thread: Kimber Compact Rimfire Conversion

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    Registered User Gottmituns's Avatar
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    November 26th, 2013

    Kimber Compact Rimfire Conversion

    (Kimber) Commander/PRO-sized frame with (Kimber) Officer/Ultra-sized slide conversion 22LR kit.

    -I've always wanted a commander or officer sized 22lr slide for my Kimber.
    There isn't any company that makes officer sized 22lr conversions, except now, Kimber does.
    There is a manufacturer that makes a commander sized 22Lr conversion, however, they only offer it in black.
    Personally, I do not find duo-tone 1911's attractive. When I see one I imagine they took a slide from one gun and married it to a frame from another.

    With great anticipation, persistence and patience, I present the Kimber Rimfire Compact:

    Reminiscent of the Colt -made special distributor limited 1911 variant run with those specs under the following nomenclatures:
    "1911 Lt. Commander", "1911 Tank Commander", "1911 Commanding Officer", "1911 Night Commander", "1911 Night Officer". etc
    I guess now that Kimber finally came out with it (two and a half years too late), everyone has already purchased a dedicated 1911-22.
    Not even Youtube as of this date has user reviews about this piece. Only two Shot-show 2013 spots.
    I guess I'm the first to have this conversion kit in this configuration.

    Anywho, here she is (Pic heavy):

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    Registered User Gottmituns's Avatar
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    November 26th, 2013

    Re: Kimber Compact Rimfire Conversion

    OK folks I got news for ya!
    Just got back from the range..
    This piece up till now, is the most accurate (I know, sounds crazy) 22LR handgun conversion I own.
    What I have to compare with is my Kimber 5" (Full size conversion) and GSG 922.
    These don't come close to the Kimber Compact rimfire results.. It's a league above those. Real accurate.
    Running Minimags.

    Here is the Kimber compact Rimfire at 10 yards folks:
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    September 9th, 2011

    Re: Kimber Compact Rimfire Conversion

    Good shootin'!
    Think Green.......Recycle Congress

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