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Thread: SW1911

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    September 8th, 2012
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    Just traded a S&W model 19-4 for a new SW1911 in stainless steel. Looks pretty straightforward other than the external extractor. Anyone have experience with these? It looks to be very well made and its the highest priced 1911 I have. Looking forward to shooting it this weekend.

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    September 9th, 2011

    Re: SW1911

    External extractors seem to catch some flak...I have shot several S&W's with it and never had a problem....Tack drivers those S&W's generally from what I have experienced...
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    September 9th, 2011

    Re: SW1911

    Purist 1911 fans don't seem to take to external extractors & a few manufacturers, like Kimber, had bad problems with them. But even those that object to them admit that S&W has had success with them. Have fun with it.


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